Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Personal Cancer Woes

The Misfortune:

My father died of colon cancer when I was only a baby. I never knew him and he never held me, which makes me sad. I now must be wary to eat well in order to avoid getting colon cancer, which is one of the most avoidable cancers.

My fear and worry:

I often think that my life will be ended short just like my father's. He died at 35 years old. I'm 23 currently. Perhaps I only have another 12 years to live, but I won't surrender to thinking like that. I'll continue to live my life as vivaciously as I want and I will do my best to eat well. I must admit that I have not gone to an oncologist. That's the doctor who analyzes and helps patients who have cancer. I am afraid to go. That's dumb of course, but I'm afraid to hear that I have a tumor. I have felt pains in my abdomen region for years. Honestly the only thing stopping me from going to the doctor is that I don't have health insurance. If I had that then I would have already gone to the doctor.

My advice to you:

I hope that you are wiser than I and that you have gone to the doctor for a check up, especially if one of your relatives as died of a cancer. I have been checked out by two doctors of Georgia State University. They advised me to get checked out and to eat well. Also the first told me to be sure to get checked out at the vital 10-years prior mark. For me that means I should get checked at age 25, because that was my father's age, 10 years before he died. I know that I'm being foolish to wait so long, but I'll get a colonoscopy (a procedure for inspecting the colon for tumors that can lead to colon cancer) eventually, when I have the money.

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